Atlanta Locksmith Now is a 24-hour locksmith ready to respond quickly when you call.

Auto Emergency Locksmith

Need to unlock your car or deal with a broken car lock? It’s better to call our locksmith than to try to break into your car yourself. Today’s cars no longer make it easy for anyone other than a trained locksmith to gain access. Modern cars are designed to prevent theft, so most police will not try to open cars if you ask them, because damage to the car can result. Call our locksmith and we’ll quickly and easily unlock your car or provide a replacement key. You don’t need to know your car manufacturer’s key code; we can make a key for almost any car lock, including cars that use electronic keys and transponder keys.

Business Emergency Locksmith

Are you locked out of your business? Is your office, retail store, warehouse or apartment complex at risk due to a theft or threat by someone who may have a key to your premises? Our emergency locksmith will come quickly to rekey your locks or reprogram your electronic key system.

Home Emergency Locksmith

Almost everyone gets accidentally locked out of their home at some point. Don’t break a window or harm a door trying to enter forcefully; just call our 24-hour emergency locksmith and we’ll come to make a replacement key to easily get into your home.